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Why Choose dwf evoclaim claim

Using the latest technology, dwf evoclaim takes the time-consuming elements of your job and automates them,leaving you with less admin and more time to work on the important stuff.


With flexibility and simplicity at its core, dwf evoclaim is intuitive (making it quick to pick up) and easy to mould to the way you work. Unlike some systems it works around you, rather than you working around it.



Simple, intuitive software.

dwf evoclaim's intuitive functionality, simple navigation and crisp, clean look and feel makes for speedier and happier staff adoption and requires less training to get up and running.


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Easy on your budget

Save your budget by processing claims more quickly, resulting in fewer settled claims.  Your administration costs are reduced by using automated workflows to streamline your processes.

You can save on your insurance premiums and remove over-insurance by demonstrating careful claims management, and understanding your full risk profile. 

Starting from £95 per user per month, EvoClaim won't break the bank.


Powerful automated reports

Say good bye to building repetitive and time consuming reports on a regular basis. EvoClaim's powerful reporting engine means you can
report on any element in the system.

Better yet, you can automate regular reports to run and send to key stakeholders weekly, monthly or whenever you want.

Team and time management

Effortlessly manage your team's workload with simple RAG (Red, Amber, Green) tracking on your manager dashboard - reallocating work in a couple of clicks.

Workflows automate laborious manual admin while the advanced search and document management system mean all claims information is at your fingertips.


Keep it simple

Configure EvoClaim to perfectly fit your processes, eliminating manual workarounds or re-keying information. We can even integrate with your existing systems (as long as we have permission from the software provider).

As a cloud based system, you can access EvoClaim anywhere at any time, via the internet. So that thing you forgot to do in the office? No problem, just do it at home, or even on the way home (provided you're not driving...).

MOJ portal integration saves claims handlers' time re-keying data, reducing the admin burden and keeping your team focused on claims.


Eliminate complexity

Keep all your claims information in one place rather than having to jump between multiple unintegrated systems.

Save all aspects of claims documentation (FNOL, witness statements, CCTV footage, insurance documentation, supplier details…)  in one place, with a simple and powerful search function (similar to Google™) to quickly find what you are looking for.

Make your audits and reporting effortless with comprehensive action tracking logging all activity.

Easily access related claims by linking them within a claim file. 


Stay Compliant

Adhere to industry regulations and internal processes by using automated workflows to ensure that the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed.

Keep your data consistent and reporting accurate by using mandatory fields to collect all the right information, first time.

Never miss another action with automated alerts flagging when an item is due. Overdue actions are escalated to management for attention.


Added Extra


When you buy dwf evoclaim, you have the option to switch on dwf evosafe, our fully integrated Health, Safety and Risk Management solution.
Simply license dwf evosafe in the same way as dwf evoclaim  
and open up a whole new world to your claims team. 


The two systems are built as one so accessing either one is seamless. Users are able to view all elements of an incident meaning less time

chasing up information and more time working to resolve claims



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